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Alzheimer's & Dementia Care Education

In-Home Dementia Education & Support

Real-life information from a trainer with hands-on experience

With twenty years of training caregivers in retirement communities, Open Door Training & Development Owner, Lori Dierolf, brings her education, experience, and compassion to families where they need it most – in their homes and on their schedules.  No one can fight this battle alone – and no one should have to!

Whether for the primary caregiver or for the entire family,

 Open Door Training & Development offers one-hour education and

support sessions for just $99 – any time, day or evening,

weekday or weekend, when it fits your schedule!

Sessions include a review of the information outlined below, as well as

time for individualized assistance with concerns and challenges

in the home setting:

Communication & Alzheimer’s Disease:

Reviews the brain changes that effect communication; how dementia impacts executive functioning (“thinking”); how non-verbal communication provides clues about unmet needs; and basic tips for good communication throughout the disease.

Changing Needs in Early Stage Dementia:

Reviews the importance of balancing safety and independence, including medication maintenance, cooking, wandering, and other individual safety concerns; reviews ways to optimize your loved one’s well-being, such as physical movement/exercise, mental stimulation, and social interactions.

Mid-Stage Dementia Care at Home (Part I):

Reviews the when and how to help with daily living and basic hygiene activities, including bathing, toileting, dressing, and dental care, as well as how and when to address when it is time to stop driving.

Mid-Stage Dementia Care at Home (Part II):

Reviews how to understand and handle challenging behaviors such as repetition, agitation, aggression, wandering, sundowning, and sleeplessness; outlines ways a support network can assist in care; and discusses the normalcy of caregivers’ feelings throughout the disease.

Certified Trainer -

Teepa Snow's Positive ApproachTM To Care

Providing dementia-related awareness, knowledge, and skill development using Teepa Snow's PAC Philosophy

It is Teepa Snow's mission to help families and professionals better understand how it feels to be living with dementia and the related challenges.  Her Positive ApproachTM To Care encourages care partners to:

  • Respond to a person's change in cognition and abilities in a way that is not hurtful or offensive;
  • Understand that, with practice, common reactions to the person with dementia can become thoughtful, responses that improve quality of life for everyone involved;
  • Recognize that the person with dementia is doing the best that they can and that if something isn't working, it's the responsibility of the care partner to change their approach and behaviors toward the person with dementia; and,
  • Notice the environment surrounding a person with dementia and make changes as necessary.

Community Groups & Healthcare Employee Dementia Training

Because Open Door Training & Development supports Healthcare Communities and businesses, sessions may be scheduled for multiple shifts (including evenings, nights, and weekends) in order to ensure all individuals have access to this important information.

  • Normal Aging Vs. Not Normal Aging
  • ADLs at Different Stages of Dementia
  • Brain Changes of Alzheimer's Disease
  • How To Communicate Throughout the Disease
  • Understanding and Managing Challenging Behaviors