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"Old ways won't open new doors."

Open Door Training & Development

Lori L. Dierolf, President

Trainee Testimonial:

"Lori is truly a motivated speaker.  I never got bored, and I learned more about myself today."

                                  -Belinda L.

Having earned her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Millersville University of Pennsylvania, with a concentration in Human Relations, Lori began her career as a Care Aide working with individuals who had suffered traumatic brain injuries.


In 1996, she became the Human Resources Director in a skilled nursing facility, where she was responsible for all aspects of staff development and education for long-term care.


Since then, in addition to her experience in skilled care, Lori has worked in a continuing care retirement community, and in personal care, where since 2006 she has also held certification as a Personal Care Home Administrator.



She has conducted training sessions for the Boy Scouts of America, local senior centers, and other organizations and associations.



Lori brings her light, entertaining style to all of her trainings.  She engages her learners in ways that keep them interested and includes real-life examples to help learners put new skills into everyday practice.